Welcome to what we believe will become the #1 job site for anyone interested working in Canadian sports. From working in finance to developing programs to working concession stands, if you’re interested in working with sports we have you covered. We know we’re in a niche market right now (and right now, we’re fine with that), but with your help and over time we hope we become your preferred choice to looking for sports work in Canada.

How The Front Office came to fruition …

We’d love to tell you that there was this great moment, where all we ever wanted to do was to find a sports career site, but that would be a lie. We’ll quickly tell you the story. The idea came from Chris Gaspic (one of the founders and currently writing this page), a person who has been devoted to sports his entire life (I guess you can call him the typical guy that way). One day, on his long commute to work (over an hour), he wondered if there was a different way to live life, rather than simply living in his car. He spent the early part of his career (about three years) working and learning about the job market, what employers look for, how to write a good resume and how to conduct a meaningful job search and decided to see if he could leverage those skills with his love of sports. To his surprise he found that no one really had a strong job board to work in sports in Canada – and the idea for The Front Office came to life.

It’s been a long journey to get to this point, but we promise that you if you want to work in sports in Canada then the Front Office will be preferred destination to find that job. So bookmark us today, we promise that you’ll be back.