Why Use The Front Office?

Well, let’s start at the beginning – have you read our story first? If you haven’t we’ll give you a few minutes ….

Still waiting.

Still waiting.

O.k., I think we’re good now. So why do you list with The Front Office? The simple reason is we can guarantee you that over time we will be the premier sports jobs site in Canada. It’s not only limited to working in the professional sports field (NHL, CFL, MLB, NBA etc.), but it’s also looking to work in your community – with your community sports team, maybe working in your local university or college athletics department. If you want to work in sports and athletics, then we’ll be the job site to help you connect with that passion.

But, just to help you, here’s the top five reasons to use The Front Office.

  1. As one of the founders of this website, I spent three years working with people of all ages to get enter in the workforce. I taught clients how to write an effective resume and cover letter and most importantly, HOW to find a job. I provide job search strategies that were beyond the simplistic go to a job board and just apply. I provided clients a full detailed list of where to look, who you should contact (the secondary market), how to visit corporate sites and keep a list of a places you want to work and continuously monitor and contact HR reps when a posting came up and how to utilize Google Maps to your advantage. I loved this work – especially seeing that most of it was occurring during the ‘Great Recession’. It provided me skills that I still value to this day.
  2. While my the first job I had was to work in the job search market, my background is in Communications and Research. I’ve spent five years in Marketing and Communications roles. Why do I bring this up? Simple – during a time when there were literally no jobs in the field, I utilized the same strategies to find a job that I taught clients to help myself find a job in a competitive job market. My first job was in the government sector and I was only able to get it through a combination of hard prior to landing that role and acting as a consultant on other projects – giving me an VALUABLE network.
  3. There’s no other site beyond a government funded website, that provides a listing of sport careers in Canada. Yes, you may know it, but I built this site out of frustration from what I was getting from that website. I found I was missing job postings and I promise to continuously work on this site and find the most up-to-date job postings.
  4. Sports may literally be everything I’ve ever known a lot about (maybe that’s a lie). I’m a die-hard Raptors fan, I grew up a hockey fan but love soccer, football, golf, rugby. I’ve coached basketball, soccer and umpired t-ball and softball. I’ve helped establish fan forums (you can contact me directly for information on those sites) that have been successful. I’ve written blogs on basketball, soccer and just being a sports fan (and how hard it is). Yes, I love sports and I want this site to be for sports fans who want to WORK in sports!
  5. We are 100% Canadian. We are not foreign owned. This is where we are from. We are from Hamilton, Ontario. I’m proud of this fact and I don’t hide from it. The co-owner of this site is from Venezuela, but he is a Canadian citizen.

I promise you, we are a new site (as of 2016), but Rome wasn’t built in a day and this is just the first chapter of a long book. We hope you visit, bookmark and even make this the first place you visit each day. We want you to be a part of our story!