October Update

October Update

Hi everyone,

This is Chris (the owner) and I just wanted to provide everyone an update on our site. We’re aware that not everything is perfect, but bear with us as we try to resolve some of this.

Page Updates

  • We will be updating (finally) our browse pages. We are aware that those pages are grossly outdated, and we’re going to make an effort to update those pages by the end of this month. It will make it easier for you to locate jobs you’re interested in.
  • We’ll be discussing our pay structure in the next few month. It was debated a lot, but here’s where we want to go with it: we want to make a difference. I’m a believer in the power of sport, but I also recognize that not many young people have access to sports. With that said, the plan will be, each year to identify one cause or charity in a community and provide a portion of our profit (about 30%) to that cause. I’ll have more details in our December update.
  • We’re working on speeding up the site. I know this is an issue, but we’re looking at some options.
  • If you haven’t followed us on Twitter yet make sure to follow us here and like us on Facebook here.

Helpful News

We receive a number of resumes submitted for certain positions. Please note, we don’t collect resumes and pass them on to the employer. This isn’t a service we offer (possibly one day). If you’re interested in a position, we always¬†redirect to the employers page where you can apply. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

Thanks for visiting!


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